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Eleven beautiful young women will take the stage and compete to wear the coveted crown which will elevate them to new heights as the Sri Lankan representative for Miss Universe. But before they hit the global arena, here is what you need to know about the contestants. Who will wear the crown?

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Who would have thought that a local "bathing beauty" competition spearheaded by Catalina swimwear in Long Beach, CA would turn into an international annual tradition with countless young women around the world vying to become Miss Universe? As hundreds of millions of fans have watched in 125 different countries, the homegrown contest has evolved into a powerful, year-round, international momentum that advances and supports opportunities for these role models.Becoming what is now considered Universal royalty, is not a distant dream for young women more than 50 years later. Today, Miss Universe has become a fixture of pop culture, ingrained in the landscape of our minds.These women are savvy, goal-oriented and aware. The delegates who become part of Miss Universe pageant display these characteristics in their everyday lives, both as individuals, competing with hope of advancing their careers, personal and humanitarian goals and also as confident young women seeking to improve the lives of others.Essential Entertainment, will organize and present Miss Universe Sri Lanka 2016 keeping to the highest standards in celebrity events and set the stage to open doors for myriad of opportunities for young Sri Lankan hopefuls, eager and vying for the coveted Miss Universe title